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Platinum GSC Strain Review

A favorite of many medical cannabis users, Platinum GSC lives up to its reputation as a top strain. Formerly known as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, this strain has been garnering attention in the cannabis community for a few years now. This evenly balanced hybrid has been the recipient of many awards as well as being named one of the top cannabis strains by Rolling Stone in 2017. So, let’s get into what makes Platinum GSC so great!

About the Platinum GSC Strain

A perfect mix of the classic indica OG Kush and premium sativa Durban Poison, this hybrid boasts a 23.6% THC level. Plants are usually of medium height (30 – 78 inches), can be grown indoors or outdoors, and flower between 8 – 10 weeks. The flowers are a beautiful sage green, spattered with orange “hairs” and heavily covered in frosty crystal trichomes.

The smell of Platinum GSC flower is delightfully pungent, smelling of earthy pine, with undertones of sweetness and citrus. These flavors are enhanced when smoked, but with added spiciness and fruity notes. The smoke itself is creamy smooth, and the taste can be described as a sweet earthy, with hints of candy, berries, fruit, and spices.

Effects of Platinum GSC

Known to be one of the more potent strains, Platinum GSC is a fan favorite for the even ‘mind and body’ high that it gives. The results are quick, with a strong sense of euphoria and elevated mood, while at the same time being deeply relaxing, unwinding any stress from both the mind and body. Expect to experience warm and happy feelings while feeling full relaxation, feelings of creativity and inspiration can also occur.

Medicinal Uses 

Platinum GSC is an exceptional strain to provide relief from a number of medical conditions. The resulting relaxation, and uplifting emotions, makes it a great help for people with Anxiety, Depression, and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD and ADHD). The body buzz is extremely beneficial for pain relief, including migraine, chronic, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain, as well as helping relieve nausea. Higher amounts of this strain can lull you into a deep relaxation, which can help those with insomnia or restless nights.

Possible Side Effects

A low/medium amount of this potent strain can help you feel focused, but higher amounts may cause you to feel sedated and couch-locked. Dry eyes or dry mouth may occur in some users so be aware of your hydration levels when using this product.


This strain can be both fun and relaxing, so good activities to enjoy would be to watch a good show or movie, read, play video games, take a nature walk or hang out with friends. The creativity that this strain may give make it great for any artistic activities, such as painting or drawing.

The buds of Platinum GSC can be incredibly dense, and an herb grinder would be useful for breaking it up. To utilize the beautiful trichomes of this flower, a three-chamber herb grinder with a kief catcher would be ideal. At Fireleaf, we offer all levels of grinders, including Chromium Crusher herb grinders.

If your preferred method of inhalation is by joints or blunts, we offer flavored rolling papers that could enhance the delicious taste of this strain even further. Available at our stores, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers in Blueberry and Raspberrywould bring out the sweet berry notes. High Hemp (tobacco free) organic wraps in Hydro Lemonade would bring out the citrus flavors. Plus, how delicious is the duo of girl scout cookies and lemonade?

Please always follow all Oklahoma laws when purchasing cannabis, or cannabis products, and always from a OMMA Licensed dispensary.  If you have any questions or are interested in this cannabis strain come into any Fire Leaf Dispensaries in the Oklahoma City Metro Area including Guthrie, and Norman.

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