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OG Kush Cannabis Strain Review

A well-known classic since the 1990’s, OG Kush is not only a phenomenal strain on its own, but the backbone of many other winning strains of cannabis through the years.

OG Kush History

Although there is much debate on the origin of OG Kush, it is thought to have been made in Florida during the early 90’s, and then brought to California around 1996. It is said to be a mix of Emerald Triangle (hailing from Northern California) and the classic, Hindu Kush (from Amsterdam).

OG Kush growers have created and cultivated some amazing strains, such as GSC (a cannabis cup winner and crowd favorite) and Headband (a popular strain that gives a light pressure around the crown of the head, giving the feeling of wearing a “headband”). Phenotypes of OG Kush include SFV OG, Ghost OG and Tahoe OG.

About OG Kush

The plants produce large amounts of dense buds, and tend to be 40 – 60 inches tall, but generally fall on the shorter side. Plants usually take about 9 weeks to flower and give off a pine smell. The flower tends to come in medium to large nuggets, which are covered in silver and white trichomes. The buds are especially sticky and dense, which make grinders especially useful when preparing this strain to smoke.

Effects of OG Kush

When smoked, this strain might be considered harsh for new users, depending on inhalation method. The pungent smell of this strain is distinct and tends to linger, giving off earthy, pine and somewhat sour and spicy flavors.

It does provide an instant energy boost, and keeps you euphoric, uplifted and happy. It has been known to be a very “social” strain, due to it sparking of conversation and good feelings.

A mentally stimulating high that boosts mood, this strain can enhance mental and physical activities, such as exercise and video games. This strain can help users focus and accomplish many tasks throughout their day. Due to its energetic properties, this strain is not recommended before bed, but is best used during the daytime or early evening.

OG Kush is incredibly helpful in treating depression, stress, PTSD, lack of appetite, attention-deficit disorders and pain. The uplifting and euphoric feeling is what helps those with depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD, while helping users “live in the moment” and creating a sense of focus is why it is so useful to those with attention-deficit disorders. The body buzz that comes after the head high relieves pain, and the “munchies” that come with this strain increases appetite. Many with eating disorders or lack of appetite from conditions or medications find this strain helpful.

Possible side effects 

OG Kush may give users dry mouth and dry eyes, so you may want to keep a glass of water handy if you are prone to these effects. Due to its elevated THC content, if taken in high doses, this strain may cause paranoia or anxiety. If this occurs, be sure to have either CBD oil, tinctures or gummies on hand, as they can stop any paranoid or anxious feelings caused by the THC. If you are unsure, just pace yourself with your OG Kush until you are sure how much you are comfortable with.

Always follow all Oklahoma Laws when purchasing anytime of cannabis product, and always from an OMMA licensed dispensary.