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Ghost OG Cannabis Strain Review

Ghost, not only an apparition of the recently deceased or Jon Snow’s beloved dire wolf, is an award-winning cannabis strain guaranteed to make you feel positively ethereal. With its refreshing citrus flavor and calming buzz, Ghost OG is the perfect choice for alleviating stress or simply unwinding after a long day.

About the Ghost OG Strain

A decedent of the classics OG Kush and Afghani Indica, Ghost OG is an Indica dominant (70% Indica, 30% Sativa) hybrid that has won awards at the famous Cannabis Cup.

Plants grow about medium height and flower at 8-9 weeks. Buds are a beautiful mix of lighter to medium tones of green and decorated with a plethora of deep amber hairs. Covered in trichomes, the flower has a frosty, almost fuzzy look.

The aroma is delightfully fresh, earthy citrus with notes of pines and spice. The flavor of Ghost OG is just as refreshingly delicious as the smell, a clean taste of citrus with pine and earthy undertones.

Effects of Ghost OG

Worries or stress will melt away as this friendly ghost leads you to an ultra-relaxed state. Uplifting feelings of overall happiness and euphoria accompany the easy calm, making you feel at peace with a balanced body and mind high.

Ghost OG’s potency is certainly obvious, but it doesn’t a heavy couch-lock feeling like many THC rich Indicia strains do. Higher doses of this strain do lead to drowsiness, which makes for a great night’s rest.

Medicinal Uses

The only spooky thing about this Ghost is how well it works to provide relief from physical and mental ailments. Pain, whether it’s chronic, joint, injury or migraines will disappear and a positive body buzz will take its place. This strain also provides effective relief from muscle spasms. Patients who deal with nausea and/or a lack of appetite would also find this strain helpful, as it’s a well-working appetite stimulant and anti-nausea.  insomnia, depression and anxiety

The uplifting cerebral high provided by Ghost OG eases depression, and its calming Indica buzz quells stress and anxiety. Ghost OG, especially in higher doses, leads to feelings of drowsiness, which helps create a restful nights sleep for those who have sleeping disorders. 

Possible Side Effects 

The most common of cannabis side effects, dry mouth, is possible with this strain, as is the chance for dry or itchy eyes.


Due to the relaxation and possibly sleepy feelings gained from this strain, it might be best used in the evening or night time.

Always follow all Oklahoma Laws when purchasing cannabis, and always purchase from a OMMA licensed dispensary.