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SFV OG Cannabis Strain Review

SFV OG is a legendary indica-dominant marijuana strain hailed by reviewers as one of the most potent OG Kush varieties available today. Bred by Cali Connection farms in the San Fernando Valley of California, SFV OG is a phenotype of the popular SFV OG Kush strain crossed with an unknown Afghani. With THC percentages frequently exceeding 25%, SFV OG delivers knockout body effects matched only by its pungent fuel-like aroma.

The SFV OG high hits suddenly, starting with a spacey cerebral shift that fogs the mind. As reviewers describe, this foggy sensation devolves quickly into the “OG blankets” – a deeply sedating, full-body numbness that eliminates pain and locks users to the couch. New consumers should approach this strain cautiously due to its sheer potency. The total high lasts up to 3 hours with lingering after-effects.

Adding to its reputation for potency is SFV OG’s signature OG scent – often described as harsh fuel with an acidic diesel kick. The inhale is smooth yet funky, expanding in the lungs with flavor notes of earthy pine and sour lemons. Smoke hangs heavily in the air after exhaling. When properly cured, buds are dense and sticky with visible white trichomes clinging to fuzzy green leaves.  

In the medical field, SFV OG’s hard-hitting effects make it ideal for insomnia and chronic pain. Just a few hits provide hours of uninterrupted sleep, even for those with restless minds. The body numbness eliminates nagging aches in muscles, bones, and nerves. This strain also provides anxiety and stress relief, albeit at the cost of functional cognition. Patients report it best for nighttime use only.  

Outside its native California, this pungent OG variety is also available to medical marijuana patients in legal states like Oklahoma. Here it’s become a coveted choice among chronic pain, neuropathy, and insomnia sufferers seeking a fast-acting alternative to pharmaceuticals and opioids. However its substantial potency and couchlocking effects require proper patient education for new consumers.  

While less suitable for daytime productivity, the mentally-hazy properties of SFV OG can enhance activities like watching movies or listening to music. Solo recreational consumers may find the introspective effects conducive to self-reflection and meditation. It also sparks conversation and laughing fits in social settings. Just don’t expect to leave the couch soon after consuming SFV OG weed.  

With its Afghani genetics and high OG purity, SFV OG continues the legendary potency of original OG Kush plants. This phenotype selection further intensifies its effects and funky fuel aroma for an all-around heavy-hitter experience. Novices should approach with care, but patients and cannabis connoisseurs will delight in this specialty strain bred for ultimate knockout strength.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when buying your cannabis, and only from OMMA licensed dispensaries.