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Peanut Butter Souffle Strain Review

Peanut Butter Souffle is a tasty indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a scrumptious flavor profile nutty enough to make your mouth water. This cross between Do-Si-Dos and Jet Fuel Gelato comes from prolific breeders Cannarado, creating a powerful strain that smells and tastes like an actual peanut butter dessert. With THC frequently exceeding 25%, Peanut Butter Souffle packs sedating effects perfect for therapeutic use or recreational relaxation anytime, day or night.  

The Peanut Butter Souffle high comes on relatively quickly, ascending with an initial head rush signaling effects taking hold. As it progresses, a tingly body buzz creeps in, felt first behind the eyes then dripping down the neck and limbs like warm fudge sauce. This full-bodied melt relaxes the body without knocking out the mind completely thanks to the sativa Gelato genetics. However, don’t be surprised if the rich indica effects leave you feeling lazy and unwilling to get off the couch! Total effects last roughly 2 hours.

Backing up its dessert-themed name, Peanut Butter Souffle gives off an irresistible nutty aroma just like a jar of fresh peanut butter. Hints of sweet chocolate and doughy richness also come through, similar to baking brownies. Upon exhale, the rich creamy flavors continue dazzling with a smooth peanut taste on intake and fudgy cookie notes on the backend. Buds are also visually appetizing, with a classic OG structure coated in greens, purples, oranges and icy white trichomes.

In the medical marijuana field, Peanut Butter Souffle stands out as a versatile option managing both physiological and psychological symptoms. For the mind, its initial euphoric lift battles stress, depression and anxiety extremely well. The body relaxation soothes chronic aches and pains, muscle tension, arthritis, headaches and cramping due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also stimulates appetite while calming the stomach.  

Outside California, Peanut Butter Souffle has caught on in a number of legal medical markets thanks to its powerful therapeutic effects and mouthwatering flavors. In Oklahoma’s market, it frequently appears on dispensary shelves and menus delighting patients treating anxiety disorders, chronic pain, anorexia and muscle spasms. The state’s cannabis patients praise its well-rounded effects and affordability compared to costly pharmaceuticals.

While therapeutic in nature, Peanut Butter Souffle appeals to recreational consumers as well – especially flavor chasers and relaxation seekers. Its rich, nutty and chocolatey terpene profile makes for a mouthwatering smoking experience. The balanced head and body effects also allow both social and solo activities before easing into rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a night out with friends or Netflix from the couch, Peanut Butter Souffle satisfies.  

With its scrumptious peanut candy aroma and heavily tranquilizing effects, Peanut Butter Souffle delivers the ultimate cannabis dessert experience. Both medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers will delight in this nutty, chocolatey strain perfect for soothing the body and stimulating the appetite anytime.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when buying your cannabis items, and only from OMMA licensed dispensaries.