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Purple Sticky Punch Cannabis Strain Review

A sweet tasting strain that will put a smile on your face, Purple Sticky Punch is a popular strain for its delicious aroma and smooth effects. A well-loved hybrid by both newer and seasoned cannabis users, this is a strain that is sought after for its sweet flavors, reminiscent of snacking on blue or purple candies, or the taste of blue sports drinks. So let us delve into Purple Sticky Punch!

About the Purple Sticky Punch Strain

A relatively newer strain, Purple Sticky Punch is either the delightful mix of Chemdawg and Purple Afghan or Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple. Plants of this strain tend to grow medium to tall height, and flower between 7 to 8 weeks.

Purple Sticky Punch plants have a distinctly sweet aroma, that is described as an array of sweet treats, including blue powerade, crunchberry cereal, grape candy, berries, and more. The dense buds that come from this plant are tinged with hues of purple, covered in frosty looking trichomes and abundant in orange hairs.

Flavor and Experience

The smoke gives taste to the delicious smell, with smoke being smooth and sweet, truly bringing out the berry, grape and candy flavors, while adding soft floral notes. Users either report an immediate reaction or a slow build that then hits you “like a punch”, giving another definition to the name. This strain is recommended by users for first time cannabis inhalation, due to its easy and clean smoke and overall delicious experience.

Despite being a sativa dominant hybrid (60% Sativa, 40% Indica), this strain tends to lean on more on the relaxation of indica strains. Providing strong feelings of relaxation, calm and happiness, Users have commented that Purple Sticky Punch gives a body heavy high without brain fog, replacing that intense cerebral high with a light and fun head high. Due to its calming and happy effects, Purple Sticky Punch is the perfect choice to provide relief from stress, pain, depression and insomnia. Patients with a variety of medical conditions have reported enjoying this strain and noting that it has helped them feel better. These conditions include Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, depression and anxiety


Due to its relaxing nature, Purple Sticky Punch is recommended for relaxing and calm activities, such as reading, watching movies, listening to music or playing video games. It is probably best taken in the evening or at night, as it might cause sleepiness. Some users report mild dry mouth, so in addition to water, keep some blue or grape Gatorade nearby for hydration and an extra tasty addition to compliment this strain.

You can enjoy inhaling this strain a variety of ways, either by vaping, or smoking by pipe, bong or joint. Some users feel that vaporization is the ultimate way of getting the true flavors of each bud, but the strong flavors of this strain will be appreciated regardless of the inhalation method.

For an extra tasty smoking experience, try using flavoured rolling papers, to really get the most out of the sweetness of Purple Sticky Punch. Fireleaf sells “Juicy Jay” rolling papers in a variety of flavors, but either the Blueberry or Raspberry flavors would be a delightful choice for this particular strain. If you prefer a more “blunt” style smoking experience, we also offer “High Hemp” organic herbal wraps (that are tobacco, nicotine and additive free) in a number of flavors, but the Grape Ape would really shine with the notes of berry in this strain!

Please always follow all Oklahoma Laws when obtaining any type of cannabis product, and only from an OMMA Licensed dispensary.