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Monster OG Cannabis Strain Review

Although it might seem intimidating, don’t let the name of Monster OG scare you. The only thing that is monstrous about this Hybrid is the sedating and euphoric high that it gives. Let’s take a look at the chill and fun strain that is Monster OG.

About Monster OG Strain

An Indica dominant hybrid with high THC levels, Monster OG is the result of classics OG Kush and SFV OG. Typical of Indica dominant plants, Monster OG plants tend to grow short and bushy, with a flowering time of 7 – 8 weeks.

The flowers are generally of medium size, adorned with fiery yellow and orange hairs, and covered in sticky crystalline resin. Monster OG’s aroma is mainly a mix of diesel and earthy notes, but with a hint of peppery spiciness. 

Smoke of this strain is pungent, it amplifies the smell of the bud while also adding a surprising fragrance of citrus. The taste comes off as earthy, as well as giving flavors of citrus and herbal spice. Smokers do take note that this strain can sometimes smoke harsh, and the smell does linger.

Effects of Monster OG

Expect to have that classic “stoned” feeling with this strain, with full couch melt and uncontrollable giggles. Effects will hit strong and fast, giving full body relaxation, as well as making the user feel uplifted and happy. An almost psychedelic experience can occur, including creative thinking and the feeling of time warping. Users will feel a happy mind while their body feels calm and heavy.

Medicinal Uses

As this strain has a somewhat sedative effect, it is helpful against overstimulation, anxiety, PTSD, and both physical and mental fatigue. The uplifted and happy feelings gained with this hybrid are particularly useful for patients with depression. Those with sleeping issues or disorders such as insomnia find Monster OG helps them fall into a deep and restful sleep.

The full body relaxation eases pain and relaxes muscles, and has been found to be especially useful against cramping, with the ability to provide much needed relief from menstrual cramping.

Monster OG is also an effective appetite stimulant, as well as being a relief from nausea.

Possible Side Effects

As with other cannabis strains, dry mouth is a common side effect. The high THC content in this strain may trigger paranoia or anxiety in people who are prone to it in high THC strains. Keep in mind if this does occur, CBD products (such as CBD oil or gummies) can counteract the THC and will stop the paranoid or anxious feelings.

Monster OG Recommendation 

Monster OG is definitely an evening or nighttime strain, for when you are ready to completely relax and unwind for the day. Prepare a snack (or two), maybe a nice cup of tea and then prepare to drift off into a land of relaxation via your smoking method of choice.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when buying cannabis, and always purchase from an OMMA registered dispensary.