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Lavender Cannabis Strain Review

The lavender plant is known for its peaceful properties and is often used in candles, oils and lotions to promote restful sleep. Similar to the plant, the lavender cannabis strain shares the effects of creating delightful feelings of relaxation and happiness.

About the Lavender Strain:

An indica strain with a moderate THC levels, Lavender is a creation derived from Super Skunk, Hawaiian Kush and Afghani.  Plants are of medium height, growing between 30 – 78 inches, and flower between 7 to 9 weeks. The plants are a beautiful green that transition to a dark purple at the end of the leaves.

Buds are long and can be dense or fluffy. Also known Lavender Kush, the floral notes of this flower are reminiscent of the true lavender flower, with an added spicy aroma. When smoked, the smoke is smooth, and the floral notes are amplified, but an added sweetness is also apparent.

Effects of Lavender

The cerebral high of this strain comes relatively quickly, melting into a calming body high. The oncome may be slow, but worth it. You will feel relaxed above all, but feelings of happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness are strong. This strain makes your body feel delightfully tingly while giving the calm that indica strains are known for.

Although not as hard hitting as strains with a higher THC content, many users report a feeling of laziness after using this strain, as well as the ability to quickly fall asleep. Strains like this can be regarded as heaven sent to those of us with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Medicinal Uses

Strains this relaxing are a top choice against stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. This particular strain is also useful for those with pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.  Users with nausea and eating disorders also report that Lavender has proven beneficial.

The calming effect of the lavender strain is also useful for those with disorders like PTSD, adult ADD/ADHD, anxiety and OCD.

Possible Side Effects 

As with other cannabis strains, dry mouth and dry eyes can be a side effect with this strain.


Due to its ability to cause sleepiness, lavender might be best used in the evening or at night. A nice cup of earl grey or chamomile tea in the evening, paired with this strain would make for a very relaxing experience.

Always abide by all Oklahoma laws when purchasing any THC item, and always from a OMMA licensed dispensary.