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Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review

We all remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the gum-addicted Violet Beauregarde tried the magic gum and exclaimed in delight when the gum tasted of a delicious blueberry pie. Although perhaps not as intense, the Blueberry cannabis strain may also cause delighted surprise at its flavors of fresh blueberries along with its euphoric effects. Only, without the process of turning violet, Violet.

About the Blueberry Strain

An Indica dominant hybrid with varying levels of THC level, Blueberry is the child of strains Afghani, Thai and Purple Thai. It’s said that this strain was created in 1970 by American breeder DJ Short, and it has continued to evolve into an exceptional Indica. In fact, Blueberry was the winner of the High Times’ Cannabis cup in 2000 for best Indica.

The plants grow to medium height, between 30 – 78 inches, and generally flower between 7 – 9 weeks. The flower tends to be shorter, showing beautiful sage mixed with colorful hues. When smoked, the taste of blueberries shines through, as well as an overall sweet flavoring.

Effects of the Blueberry Strain

Blueberry produces a long-lasting euphoria alongside complete relaxation. Users feel overall uplifted and, depending on how much is used, a feeling of sleepiness as well. Smaller doses might be better for daytime uses, such as calming anxiety, while a larger amount at night will create feelings of tiredness and restfulness.

Medicinal Uses

One of the top uses for this Indica is its ability to combat both stress and pain. Patients with conditions that give chronic pain and have trouble sleeping, like those with Fibromyalgia, will find this especially useful. The euphoric and happy feelings that come with Blueberry assist those with depression, while the calming effects are utilized by people with anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD. Another use for this strain is to help with lack of appetite, nausea or eating disorders, as it helps to stimulate the appetite.

Possible Side Effects

As with many cannabis strains, users might have possible dry mouth or dry eyes.


As with most Indica dominant strains that induce sleepiness, this strain might best be used in the evening or at night, depending on how much is used.

There are many potential pairings to go with this buoyant strain, that will bring out the delicious blueberry taste. Whether it is blueberry flavored foods, drinks, or flavored smoking accessories to highlight the blueberry taste.

If you prefer using blunts or joints as your inhalation method, Fire Leaf offers flavored papers and wraps to add to the experience. Juicy Jay rolling papers in Blueberry would be perfect for this strain, but the Strawberry, Raspberry and Peaches & Cream papers would also be delightful choices. If blunts are more your thing, High Hemp tobacco-free organic rolling papers in Honey Pot Swirl would make an extra sweet smoke, or Hydro Lemonade would cause a tasty blueberry lemonade flavor.

Please follow all Oklahoma Laws when obtaining cannabis of any type, and always purchase from a OMMA Licensed dispensary.