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True OG Cannabis Strain Review

Thought by many to mean “Original Gangster”, OG actually means “Ocean Grown”, describing cannabis strains that have originated near the California coast. True OG can be described by either definition though, as this award-winning strain is regarded by some by one of the greatest strains out there. One experience with this enjoyable and long-lasting high will prove why it’s won 2nd place in the Indica category in every High Times Medical Cup since 2010.

About the True OG Strain

Bred in Southern California from classic OG Kush, True OG packs in an impressive THC content. Plants of this Indica generally grow to medium height and flower between 8 to 9 weeks.

Buds are dense and small, showing off a pale lime green coloring adorned with brown hairs. The thick layer of trichomes gives the bud a frosted appearance.

Expect the smell to be pungent, a skunky aroma with a sharp citrus and pine scent. Although the smoke may come off as harsh, the taste of earthy pine and spicy citrus is sure to please the palate.

Effects of True OG

Effects of True OG are slow to hit and may start with a light pressure in the temples and forehead, which is followed by a rush of euphoria.

You will feel an uplifting cerebral buzz that promotes both focus and creativity. Happy feelings overtake your body accompanied with a pleasurable relaxation, making you feel mellow but still focused.  There may be some minor psychedelic effects, such sensations of time warp or change in depth perception.

High doses may make you experience a heavy, couch-lock feeling, which can be followed by drowsiness.

Medicinal Uses

True OG has a decent variety of medicinal uses.

Sufferers of pain, including chronic, injury, joint pain or migraines can find relief with this strain. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea, which is helpful to those with stomach or bowel ailments.

The uplifting feelings help those with depression, while the relaxation eases stress and anxiety. The focus derived from this strain is also helpful to those with ADD and ADHD. The sedation created by higher doses of this strain can help those with insomnia find a good night’s sleep.

Possible Side Effects

As common with many cannabis strains, True OG may cause dry eyes or dry mouth. Feelings of paranoia could occur in those sensitive to effects from high levels of THC.


The possibility of drowsiness caused by this strain may make it more of a late afternoon or early evening strain for some, or the focused and fun high could create a fun activity from menial tasks such as housework.

Please follow all Oklahoma Laws when purchasing cannabis products, and always from a OMMA licensed dispensary.