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Permafrost Cannabis Strain Review

The term “permafrost” is defined as ground that retains a temperature at or below the freezing point. Although this cannabis strain doesn’t meet that definition by any means, this icy strain can still make you see why it was named after this wintery geological term. From its cool aroma and flavor of mint and pine to its appearance of being coated in a thin layer of ice, this is one strain that lives up to its name. Other than its delicious taste and appearance, the full-body effects of PermaFrost will make sure that this is one strain you will keep coming back to.

About Permafrost Cannabis Strain

This Sativa dominant hybrid is a mix of (Sativa dominant Hybrid) Trainwreck and (hybrid) White Widow. Plants have a flowering time of around 12 weeks and produce medium-sized, dense buds with sage green coloring and little amber hairs. The thick, sticky layer of crystal trichomes gives the flower a frosted appearance, which gives credence to its wintery name. PermaFrost flower boasts an impressive THC content.

Perma rost’s aroma is a delightful combination of pine and peppery spice, with slightly minty undertones. The menthol is more prominent in the taste, and its mix with fresh pine flavor makes it a refreshing smoke.

Effects of PermaFrost    

You can expect a well-rounded and pleasant high from this frosty hybrid, but the effects may differ depending on what dosage you consume. With any dose size, you can expect to feel an uplift in mood and relaxation throughout the body.

Lighter doses of this strain will spread relaxation through the body and mind. You will still feel clear-headed even through the euphoric buzz. An added benefit, you will also feel slightly more focused on your tasks at hand.

Larger doses will enhance the senses, creating stronger senses of focus and interest, while still creating a full-body calm. But be aware that too high a dose can create too much relaxation leading to feeling tired, or hyper-focus, which may make doing certain tasks more difficult.

Medicinal Uses

The focus created with this strain can be helpful to those with attention deficit disorders, such as ADD and ADHD, while the uplift in mood is good for those with stress and depression. The energy caused by Permafrost will alleviate feelings of fatigue, including chronic fatigue.

Although Permafrost isn’t as effective in relieving severe pain like some other strains, it will still ease mild to moderate pain. Patients specifically with arthritis, multiple sclerosis and certain gastrointestinal disorders have found this strain to be useful in relieving their symptoms.

Permafrost is also useful as both an anti-nausea and as an appetite stimulant, which can be helpful for a variety of conditions.

Possible Side Effects

This strain may cause the common dry mouth but may also cause dizziness or paranoia in those who are prone to experiencing it with higher THC strains.


Permafrost is best recommended for daytime or early evening use.

Please always abide by all Oklahoma Laws when purchasing and using cannabis, and always purchase from a OMMA licensed dispensary.