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King Kong Cannabis Strain Review

Gracing movie screens since 1933, King Kong is the fictional giant ape known for climbing the Empire State building and sometimes fighting with another classic movie monster, Godzilla. King Kong the cannabis strain has done neither of those things, but it is awesome in its own regard. Promising a full body high that just might knock you off your feet, this strain is gaining popularity among cannabis users for its potency and unique high.

About the King Kong Strain

An Indica dominant hybrid, this cross of Chronic and Ed Rosenthal Super Bud was created by Spanish breeder Dr. Underground and currently packs high THC levels. Plants grow tall, up to 6 feet and flower between 7 to 8 weeks.

Buds are large and dense, showing off dark green coloring with orange hairs and covered in a thick layer of sticky trichomes, giving it a frosted appearance.

King Kong (the strain, and probably the character) has a particularly pungent aroma. Skunky and sour, with earthy notes and a fruity undertone, the potency of this strain can be told by smell alone. When combusted, a hint of floral may be added to the aroma. Low-key smokers take note that the smell of this strain is strong and long-lasting.

The taste is predominately a mix of sweet and tangy, with notes of herbal citrus. A light earthy floral flavor may appear on the tongue as well.

Effects of King Kong

For an Indica dominant strain, the high is actually quite balanced. The quick-hitting effects flow through the limbs, giving them a weightless feeling before moving to the cerebral high. This creative cerebral buzz has almost psychedelic properties, promoting a heightened interest in your surroundings while time seems to flow in a different way than usual.

Tension melts away from your body, and depending on your mindset, your high can either become productive or sedating. Larger doses lean more towards the sedated feeling, creating couch lock and eventually drowsiness. Some users have even commented that this strain produces a slightly aphrodisiac effect.

The long-lasting effects of King Kong will overall give you feelings of creative euphoria and full body relaxation, your mood becomes uplifted and you become more focused.

Medicinal Uses

Expect King Kong to ease stress and anxiety and uplift the mood to stop depressive feelings. The higher doses treat insomnia, leading to a good night’s rest.

This strain is also an effective relief from pain, whether acute or chronic and muscle spasms. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and as an anti-nausea, making it effective for those with bowel and stomach issues. For those with a lack of appetite, this strain is also a good appetite stimulant.

Possible Side Effects

Dry mouth and possibly dry eyes may occur.


Due to the possible sedative qualities of King Kong, it is best recommended for evening or night time use, especially for first-time users.

Please follow all Oklahoma laws when purchasing medical marijuana, and always buy from an OMMA licensed dispensary.