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Marijuana Dispensary Feature: Green Cheese

When you hear the term “green cheese”, it may remind you of the one time you forgot that block of mozzarella in the back of the fridge only to discover it months later looking like a sixth-grade science project. The cannabis strain Green Cheese, while also green and fuzzy, is much more pleasant. A hybrid strain that is sure to lift your mood, Green Cheese has a variety of benefits.

About the Green Cheese Strain

The cross of Sativa Green Crack and Indica-dominant Cheese, Green Cheese is a perfect 50% Indica /50% Sativa mix with an 18.3% THC content. The buds are on the smaller side and dense, showing off dark green coloring and a light layer of crystals.

This strain has a unique aroma of smells of earthy cheese with herbal notes, mixed with a sweet and sour citrus smell. The taste is an interesting cheese flavor that comes off as creamy, accompanied by an almost herbal citrusy tang

Effects of Green Cheese

Although the Indica/Sativa genetic makeup is evenly split, this strain tends to lean towards a Sativa dominant high, leaving users with a strong and long lasting cerebral high.

You will immediately feel a euphoric head rush that is followed by a sense of creative energy, your mind will enjoy the ride of elation. The psychoactive effect in this strain is quite strong, making your thoughts feel hazy but happy as the high progress. The energetic high is followed by a relaxing body high, leaving you feeling zoned out and happy.

Medicinal Effects

Stress will disappear with the uplifting effects of Green Cheese, which is also beneficial for those with depression Green Cheese is also good for those who need help against inflammation and mild to moderate pain, including muscle tension and joint pain. This strain is a good anti-nausea as well.

Possible Side Effects

Green Cheese might possibly cause dry mouth and dizziness, as well as a headache in higher doses. Due to the cerebral energy caused by this strain, it is not recommended for those who are prone to paranoia or anxiety.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when purchasing cannabis, and always from an OMMA licensed Dispensary.