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Diamond OG Cannabis Strain Review

Marilyn Monroe famously sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” about one of the world’s favorite gems. At the time, Diamond OG wasn’t around or she surely would have been singing about a different diamond altogether.

A strain that promotes complete relaxation while uplifting your mood, Diamond OG is the perfect classic Indica that will cause all of your worries to disappear. With plenty of medicinal benefits as well, smoke this strain once and you will surely be singing that Diamond (OG) is everyone’s best friend.

About the Diamond OG Strain

This Indica is a mysterious mix of classic hybrid OG Kush and an unknown hybrid strain and boasts an impressive THC content. Typical of Indica dominant plants, these plants grow short and bushy, with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. Buds of this strain are dense and sticky, covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes and adorned with amber colored pistils.

The aroma is pleasant but potent, smelling of tangy citrus and fresh pine and cedar, with undertones of peppery spice and a light diesel odor that shows its OG Kush roots.  Smoke for this strain may be harsh but has a pleasant taste of citrus on the exhale.

Effects of Diamond OG

This cannabis strain is one of those slow-moving highs, relaxing you as it spreads throughout your body. As it moves from your head through to your limbs you will feel the tension melt away, being replaced by a sense of calm euphoria. Your body and limbs may feel heavy, and you will generally feel happy and lazy. This strain also is also going to give you the munchies, so it’s good to have snacks on hand!

Larger doses create more of a couch lock, while also making you feel sleepy. This strain induces full-body relaxation, heaviness and lazy feelings along with euphoria. Be aware of the couch lock in larger doses. In any dosage, the effects of Diamond OG are pleasantly long-lasting, so expect to feel calm and euphoric for a few hours.

This strain is a good choice for cannabis users who may be prone to experiencing side effects such as paranoia or anxiety with other strains.

Medicinal Uses

Diamond OG has many medicinal uses. It is helpful in relieving all types of pain, whether it’s chronic, joint, muscle, etc. This Indica is a successful anti-inflammatory, as well as being effective in stopping muscle spasms.

The relaxation brought on by Diamond OG makes it a perfect strain to alleviate stress or anxiety, while the mood uplift is good for those with depression. The calming full-body high and tiredness caused by larger doses of Diamond OG makes it a great choice for those with insomnia or have trouble staying asleep.

Possible Side Effects

As common with other cannabis strains, this cannabis strain may cause dry mouth or dry eyes.


Since medical marijuana will cause sleepiness or relaxed laziness at the very least, it is probably best suited for evening or nighttime use.

Always follow all Oklahoma Laws when purchasing medical marijuana, and always from a OMMA licensed dispensary.