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Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain Review

When the term “landrace” is used regarding a cannabis strain, it means it is a pure strain that has not been crossbred with any other strains and was originally cultivated in its natural environment. Colombian Gold is one of the uncommon strains that truly fits the description of a proper landrace strain.

Thought to originate from northern Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains, this classic strain reached peak (pun intended) popularity in the United States in the late 1960s to the 1970s. Colombian Gold then seemed to disappear for a few decades, before resurfacing and regaining its former popularity. Much like actual gold, this strain is now generally considered rare and is hard for most users to find, but those lucky enough to find it can’t dispute its worth.

About the Colombian Gold Strain

Like many of its fellow Sativa plants, Colombian Gold grows tall and bushy, flowering at 7 – 9 weeks. A parent strain of the extremely popular classic Skunk #1, Colombian Gold can reaches high levels of THC.

Buds are small to medium-sized and fluffy, boasting beautiful hues of pale green adorned with beautiful bright orange trichomes and coated in crystals.

Users can expect a potent skunky aroma, sweetened with citrusy notes of lemon and lime, with a hint of earthiness. The taste is a mouth-watering tangy and sweet citrus with a surprising herbal flavor. Some users may find the smoke harsh, and it may induce some coughing.

Low-key cannabis users should be wary, the smell of this strain when smoked is extremely pungent and will linger.

Effects of Colombian Gold 

Providing a nice and well-balanced high, Colombia Gold is a favorite for letting users remain clear-headed while still having potent effects. Users will feel an uplifting high that promotes focus and activity. An energetic boost is created that simultaneously relaxes, giving an overall feeling of happiness and euphoria.

Unlike most potent Sativa strains, Colombia Gold doesn’t create feelings of paranoia and anxiety, which makes it a good daytime strain for those needing to get things done, without that “too high” feeling.

Medicinal Uses

Stress, anxiety and tension in the body will dissipate as the uplifting calm resonates through you. Depression is alleviated with the happy cerebral buzz brought on by Colombian Gold. The energetic focus this strain provides is also useful to those with ADD and ADHD, as well as those feeling fatigued.

Those with mild to moderate pain, including headaches and muscle aches, will find relief with this strain. It is even thought to ease some muscle spasms. 

Possible Side Effects

Users may experience dry mouth or dry eyes.


Colombian Gold is the perfect daytime strain and is a great assist in getting things done. From work to household chores, you will find the motivation and focus needed with this strain. It is not recommended for night time use, due to its energy giving nature.

Always follow all Oklahoma Laws when buy cannabis products, and always from a Omma Licensed dispensary.