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Cinderella’s Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Truly the belle of the ball, Cinderella’s Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will make you feel like you were blessed by the fairy godmother herself. A strain to help you get things done (without the help of birds or talking mice), this hybrid simultaneously gives energy and calm that can help you deal with even the most infuriating of evil step-siblings.

Okay, now that the jokes are out of the way, let’s get to know the cannabis strain that is Cinderella’s Dream.

About the Cinderella’s Dream Strain

The child of Sativa Cinex and Sativa-dominant Hybrid Blue Dream, Cinderella’s Dream has a mostly Sativa make up, being 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Plants are tall, growing over 6 feet, and flower between 7 – 10 weeks. This strain has a pretty high average THC level.

Cinderella’s Dream has dense and sticky buds are small to medium-sized and popcorn-shaped, showing off a beautiful bright green coloring, covered in orange hairs and frosty mint green crystals. The aroma is a pungent skunk with lemony citrus and undertones of sweet blueberry. The flavor is delicious, tasting of sweet lemon and berries, with a hint of spice.

Low-key smokers beware, this strain is extremely pungent!

Effects of Cinderella’s Dream

Like the midnight transformation from princess to peasant, (the last joke, I swear) the effects are quick. You will immediately feel the potency of the strain from its fast hitting results, but you will remain surprisingly clear-headed.

The high starts with an energetic boost helping against lethargic feelings, while letting negativity and stress melt away. You will feel uplifted, creating a happy and sociable mood, while your mind feels stimulated and active.

A little while after the initial high is felt, a light tingly feeling will then begin in the temples, before moving through the body and creating a gentle full body relaxation.

As it is very potent, higher doses of this strain may cause couch-lock or more intense cerebral effects.

Medicinal Effects

The Sativa properties of this strain creates an elevated mood that alleviates depression and fatigue, while the overall cerebral and body high lets stress melt away.

Cinderella’s dream is also effective in easing pain and inflammation, stimulating the appetite, and stopping nausea.

Possible Side Effects

The potency of this strain could cause dizziness, anxiousness or paranoia in users that may be prone to these effects from high THC strains. These effects can be avoided by only consuming low to moderate doses, but if they occur, they can possibly be counteracted by CBD products (such as CBD oil). A more common occurrence is either dry mouth or dry eyes.


If you’re looking for something to motivate you to get things done, Cinderella’s Dream (probably more so in low to moderate doses) is that inspiration you have been looking for. The added energy and uplifted mood are perfect for finishing projects, or even to help have a bit more confidence at social functions. Due to its energetic nature, this strain is probably best enjoyed during the daytime.

Always follow all Oklahoma Laws when purchase any THC containing products.