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Chem Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

A potent Sativa dominant hybrid with a hard-hitting high, Chem Diesel is the strain to go to when you want to feel properly high, while still feeling energetic. It offers a creative boost that is sure to lift your mood before bringing you down to float on a cloud of relaxation. A mix of two popular and powerful strains, Chem Diesel may be your new ‘go-to’ when you want to be knocked off your feet in a way that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

About Chem Diesel

Chem Diesel is the child of potent Hybrid Chemdawg and Sativa Sour Diesel. Chem Diesel plants flower between 10 to 12 weeks and have high levels of THC content. Buds are big and dense, with a beautiful bright green coloring. They have a smattering of red hairs and are covered in a nice layer of crystal trichomes.  

True to its lineage, the aroma of Chem Diesel is predominantly diesel with tangy sour citrus. Also notable are undertones of earth, spice and a chemical type smell.  The taste is lemon with spice and possibly a hint of strawberry. Smoke is dense and can be harsh for some users.

Effects of Chem Diesel

You can expect an immediate euphoric buzz that uplifts the mood and may cause a case of the giggles. A heightened sense of creativity or motivation may occur, along with overall happiness. As the high continues, relaxation will spread through the body and may give a sedated feeling. In higher doses, this light sedation may turn to couch lock and cause sleepiness. In any sized dose, it will cause the “munchies”. So, have some snacks on hand!

Chem Diesel is a strain that isn’t recommended for beginners since it is extremely potent and maybe too much for inexperienced cannabis users.

This is also a strain that plays off of the current mood of the user, so it is important to be in a somewhat good headspace before using this strain. The overall effects may differ depending on the mindset of the user. Some will find motivation and an energetic boost, while some will just feel completely stoned and want to hang out on the couch for hours.  

Medicinal Uses

Although Chem Diesel generally has a low CBD level, it still is very effective for a variety of medicinal ailments. The uplift in mood relieves depression, while the energetic high gets rid of any fatigue, including helping those with chronic fatigue. Feelings of happy relaxation caused by this strain ease stress and the couch lock or sleepiness caused can help those with insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

Chem Diesel is also helpful as pain relief, alleviating anything from headaches to chronic pain. It is effective as both an anti-nausea and appetite stimulant, which can be helpful to people with a variety of medical conditions.

Possible Side Effects

This strain may cause the common marijuana side effect of dry mouth or dry eyes. Due to the potency of this strain as well as the energetic Sativa high, Chem Diesel may cause anxiety or paranoia in those prone to experiencing these side effects in higher THC strains.  


This strain is recommended as an afternoon to early evening strain, as it will initially give energy that then moves to a relaxed state, causing sleepiness.

Always purchase cannabis products from a licensed OMMA dispensary so you know they follow all Oklahoma required testing laws.