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Blue Mystic Cannabis Strain Review

The term Blue Mystic may remind you of a mysterious genie in a lamp, hidden in a faraway place, ready to grant three wishes to whoever finds it. Well, if one of your wishes would be for a great cannabis strain, then look no further than this Indica-dominant hybrid. With a 60% Indica/40% Sativa ratio, Blue Mystic is a strain that will give you a magical experience that includes a full body and mind high. In higher amounts of the strain, you may even feel like you have been transported to a mythical land as you experience heightened senses.  Whether you have a pipe, bong or magic lamp, get ready to experience Blue Mystic.

About the Blue Mystic Strain

An Indica-dominant hybrid, Blue Mystic is the mix of Blueberry and Northern Lights and has higher levels THC content. Typical of Indica dominant strains, plants of Blue Mystic tend to grow short, flowering between 7 to 10 weeks. The buds are short and dense, are covered in crystal trichomes and have a blueish tint, true to its name.

As expected due to its lineage, the aroma is predominantly of blueberry. The taste is a delicious sweet berry with hints of light floral. The smell of Blue Mystic isn’t overly potent, which may make it a good choice for more low-key smokers.

Effects of Blue Mystic

In the beginning, the high you feel a tingle that spreads throughout the body, followed by a euphoric cerebral high that lifts your mood while keeping you calm. Some users even report feelings of arousal.

In higher doses, the high takes on an almost psychedelic quality. Colors seem more vibrant, there is an overall enhanced sense of surroundings, and many users describe a “surreal” feeling. A body melting relaxation, lulling you into a state of happy drowsiness follows this cerebral experience.

Medicinal Uses 

The uplifted yet relaxed mood brought on by Blue Mystic brings relief from both depression and stress. Higher doses of this strain can cause couch-lock and sleepiness, which can be helpful for those with insomnia to get a restful nights sleep.

The body high is beneficial to those with pain, including chronic pain, while also helping with inflammation. Blue Mystic Helps is also an effective anti-nausea and appetite stimulant.

Possible Side Effects

The common side effects of dry mouth or dry eyes may occur. In higher doses, dizziness or paranoia are possible.


Due to the drowsiness and relaxation that occurs with Blue Mystic, it may be better suited for evening or nighttime use.

Blue Mystic is the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or stressful week. It’s a great strain to chill on the couch and enjoy a good movie or have a TV show binge, just make sure you have some snacks prepared!

Please always follow all Oklahoma laws when purchasing any cannabis, and always from a OMMA licensed dispensary.