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Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain Review

All Sweet Tooth and no cavities, this delicious Indica-dominant hybrid is sure to please the palate of any cannabis user. Boasting the title of first place winner of the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, Sweet Tooth will show you after just one use why it earned the title of number one. With a mouth-watering sweet flavor that is true to its name, Sweet Tooth follows up with a mellow and relaxing high perfect for casual and frequent cannabis smokers alike.

About the Sweet Tooth Strain 

Landrace strains defined as are genetically pure strains of cannabis, usually named after their area of origin and have unique traits and uphold special characteristics. Sweet Tooth is a wonderful mix of three landrace strains, hailing from Hawaii, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Plants grow between 30 to 78 inches and have a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. Buds are light green, adorned with orange hairs and are noticeably coated in frosty crystals. The THC content of Sweet Tooth is a solid, but not overwhelming THC Levels.

Instantly noticeable is the strong, delightfully sweet aroma that is reminiscent of flowers and fresh berries. Living up to its name, the taste is, above all, sweet. Tasting of candy and berries, mixed with notes of earthy floral.

Effects of Sweet Tooth

Just as pleasant as its aroma and taste, Sweet Tooth has an enjoyable high befitting of its landrace roots. You will first feel uplifted, leading you into a gentle cocoon of euphoric relaxation. The Sativa side of this strain shows by keeping you from feeling completely stoned, allowing you to keep a sense of focus. After a time, you will be lulled into a happy state of full relaxation, causing sleepiness.

Medicinal Effects

SweetTooth is a great strain to combat different types of pain. General pain such as cramps, back pain, headaches and joint pain (such as arthritis) will melt away thanks to sweet tooth. It is also effective against neuropathic pain (including pain from Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia) and musculoskeletal pain. For those who struggle with sleeping problems, such as insomnia, this strain in medium to higher doses is great for gently leading you into a full nights rest.

The relaxation properties of this strain ease stress and anxiety, while the euphoric feelings help lift those with depression. It is also a powerful anti-nausea and will stimulate the appetite, which can be helpful for a number of conditions.

Possible Side Effects

This strain may cause the common side effects of dry mouth or dry eyes.


Since it can cause feelings of heavy relaxation and sleepiness, it is probably best to use in the evening or at night-time.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when buying cannabis, and always from a OMMA licensed dispensary.