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Are Cannabis Vaporizers Right for Your Cannabis intake?

Over the past two decades, vaporizers have risen in popularity among many medical cannabis users. Vaporizing possesses multiple benefits, a more reliable experience than traditional smoking and edibles. It could quickly become your favorite marijuana consumption method as well!

How Do Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizers work by either heating cannabis flower or by using oils specifically made for vaping. To heat cannabis flower, there are two methods that vaporizers use, conductive heating and convective heating.

Vaporizers can use conductive heating by placing extracts or dried bud onto an electronically heated surface, usually a screen or solid metal. This piece is heated to a temperature that converts the terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor by directing heat through the chamber of the pen. Convective heating heats the cannabis through hot air that is moved by inhalation, or a fan to the piece containing the cannabis flower or concentrate.

Many portable vaporizers, aka vape pens, use oils that contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC as well as beneficial terpenes. There are oils for sale that are used to fill and re-fill cartridges, as well as pre-filled oil cartridges. Vaporizers also have the advantage of allowing the user to discover the temperature setting that works best for their preferred strain, and then repeat that temperature and experience each time they use their vaporizer.


Types of Vaporizers

Although vaporizers come in many shapes and forms, there are generally two main types of vaporizers, portable vaporizers and the larger “desktop” vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizers aka Vape Pens:

Originally marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, portable vapes have come a long way since their conception. Small and discreet, this technology was quickly modified for marijuana users to have a convenient option for cannabis inhalation.

Portable vaporizers now come in several sizes and styles, some are made for ground flower while some use oils that come in cartridges.

Vape pens use cannabis oil cartridges along with a battery to heat the oil. Vape pen batteries come rectangular or cylindrical, with or without a button, and in small or large sizes. Cartridges can come pre-filled, or cannabis concentrate oil can be bought for refillable cartridges.

Vape oils:

Some vape oils include medium to high levels of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, while others have little to no THC present. Vape oils should not be made at home since some oils are made with solvents or chemicals, and when improperly mixed, the results can be dangerous. It’s best to buy oil that has been correctly made to ensure the best, and safest, experience.

At Fire Leaf, we currently offer vape oil that is purely CBD, which provides the health benefits of symptom relief without the high. Our vape oils are some of the purest on the market, ensuring there is no discomfort to the lungs or chance of pneumococcal pneumonia.

We offer several delicious flavors of CBD vape oil that provide a pleasant experience each time you vape, including CBD Orange and Vanilla Oils.

*If you work for a company that still includes marijuana in their employee drug testing, our CBD vape oils have no traces of THC that could show up as positive on a drug test.

Desktop vaporizers:

Although they don’t have the convenient portability factor of smaller vapes, desktop vaporizers can give an exceptional smoking experience. Older models, such as the legendary classic the Volcano provide a great high, and easy usage but the only customization option is temperature control. Newer models, such as the Herbalizer, come with all the bells and whistles, allowing for both a comfortable and completely customizable vaping experience.

Large desktop vaporizers come in two forms, bag or whip types. Bag types, which include the Volcano, use food-grade plastic bags that are attached to the heating chamber. When the machine is activated, vapor fills the balloon using a built-in fan. The user then inhales to their hearts content.

Whip is the term for the tubing that connects vaporizers to a mouthpiece. This tubing is how vapor is inhaled from being heated in a machine, as opposed to using a bag. Both bag and whip vaporizers are excellent choices, and it is just based on personal preference as to which one suits each person best.


Is Vaping Safe?

Although smoking cannabis might be safer than smoking tobacco, you are still inhaling harmful carcinogens such as tar and ammonia into your lungs. Vaping omits those carcinogens due to the cannabis being heated and not combusted. Regular smokers tend to be more susceptible to respiratory infections, such as bronchitis, due to irritation caused in the lungs. Vape users report less negative respiratory affects with vaporization use over smoking, as seen in this early study targeting cannabis users. 

In a more recent study vape users reported vaping to be a more positive experience overall, giving reasons such as better taste and a lack of smoke smell. Also reported, was their experience that the same amount of cannabis used in both smoking and vaping, went farther and gave more effect when vaporized.

Another plus for vape users is that it is more discreet than other methods of smoking cannabis. The lack of smell in both desktop and portable vaporizers is a huge benefit, and the portable vapes inconspicuous design and size allow cannabis users more freedom.

Vaporizing is also a healthier method of consumption for people suffering from cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, arthritis, anorexia, chronic pain and other health conditions. Most vapes do not cause the coughing that traditional smoking does, and can be a safer option for people who have limited mobility.

The vaporizing options that are available to medical cannabis users provide inhalation methods that are easy, safe and enjoyable. Both desktop and portable vaporizers also provide comfortable effects with sativa, indica and hybrid strains, produce little smell when smoked, and normally cause no lung irritation.  With plenty of vape options on the market and more advances in vaping technology continuously being introduced, it’s clear that vaporization, as a method of cannabis use is the way of the future.

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