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    Is Cannabis The Future of Antibiotics?

    By Sierra Waldrop – Modern medicine has made incredible breakthroughs in health since it’s beginning after the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Advancements such as the Germ Theory, vaccines, insulin, MRI scanners and chemotherapy have changed the world, creating longer lifespans and helping eliminate certain conditions or ease them at the very least. One[...]

Fire Leaf Dispensary Articles

Helpful articles from Fire Leaf medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma.  Covering a wide range of topics to help educate Oklahomans about the benefits of medical cannabis, CBD, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, and More.


    How To Be A Low Key Cannabis Smoker

    By Sierra Waldrop – It is not an uncommon problem for medical marijuana users to need to be discreet about their cannabis use. Whether it’s against the rules of your lease agreement, not wanting your neighbors to continuously smell marijuana, cranky housemates (“I just don’t like the smell!”), or preventing your home from smelling like[...]

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