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Horchata Cannabis Strain Review

Horchata is an indica-leaning hybrid marijuana strain with a smooth, creamy flavor profile resembling the sweet rice milk drink that shares its name. This unique strain was bred by Annunaki Genetics, crossing Genetics’ own creation Precious Oaxaca with Snow Lotus. The result is a medium-THC bud ranging from 16-21% THC that provides a relaxing but functional high.

The Horchata high comes on in minutes, starting with a mentally uplifting cerebral shift. As users report, smoking Horchata makes them feel more social, talkative, and engaged with their surroundings. Following the head high is a soothing body melt that relieves tension from head to toe without sedating or couchlocking. This makes Horchata suitable for both daytime and evening use. The complete effects last around 2 hours on average.  

True to its namesake beverage, the Horchata strain has a smooth, sweet, creamy aroma and flavor. When cured properly, dried buds give off notes of cinnamon, nutty rice, and sweet milk. Users describe the smoke as having a sweet inhale and rich, creamy exhale. The buds have a visually appealing appearance as well – medium in size with a dense structure, frosted with sandy blonde pistils and dusty trichomes.

In the medical marijuana world, Horchata stands out for its versatile therapeutic effects. The initial mental shift makes it ideal for improving mood and focus for those dealing with stress, depression, fatigue, and ADHD. The relaxing body high that follows can soothe muscle tension, arthritis, and moderate chronic pain. Because it calms without heavy sedation, patients also use Horchata to relieve anxiety disorders. 

Outside its native California, Horchata has caught on in legal medical states like Oklahoma thanks to its pleasant, functional high and namesake flavor. Dispensaries in the state report high demand among patients treating Anxiety, ADHD, arthritis, and injuries causing inflammation or muscle spasms. Those struggling with lack of appetite and nausea also enjoy Horchata for its ability to stimulate hunger.

While Horchata shines brightest in the medical field, it also appeals to recreational consumers who appreciate a clear-headed, sociable buzz. Its creamy terpene profile provides a tasty smoking experience as well. Light cannabis enthusiasts can appreciate Horchata’s moderate THC levels compared to many contemporary strains approaching 30% THC.

Horchata cannabis offers the best of both worlds – an uplifting sativa-like head high transitioning to full body relaxation reminiscent of classical indicas. Add in a smooth, sweet milk flavor and you have an intriguing hybrid suitable for multiple needs. Next time life has you stressed and sore, skip the pharmacy pills and pour yourself a nice tall glass of Horchata weed instead.

Always follow all Oklahoma cannabis laws when buying your cannabis, and only from OMMA licensed dispensaries.