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Cannabis Terminology

Cannabis as an industry is growing larger every year, and marijuana culture has established many terms and phrases that might be unfamiliar to those who have never used cannabis products before. Below is a list of keywords and phrases to familiarize yourself with as a new medical marijuana user. Fire Leaf dispensary, in Oklahoma City Metro Area, budtenders are always ready to help you with all of your cannabis needs and to answer any questions you may have.

Aroma – The smell and/or taste of marijuana. Descriptions usually include; earthy, citrus, skunky and diesel. The terminology can differ from grower to grower, but these are the most common descriptors.

BHO – Butane Hash Oil, a cannabis concentrate made by stripping marijuana of its cannabinoid compounds using a solvent, which is usually butane. The final product comes in many forms and is known for its high THC levels.

Bong – A large pipe that uses water to cool the smoke before inhalation. Bongs are usually made of glass.

Bowl – The basin in a pipe, bubbler or bong where the cannabis flower is loaded.

Blunt – Marijuana wrapped in cigar or cigarillo paper. Although popular in pop culture, blunts are not recommended for medical use due to the tobacco content in the cigar/cigarillo paper.

Bubbler – A small pipe that uses water to cool the smoke before inhalation. More portable and discreet than bongs but give the same effect.

Bud – Another name for the flower of the marijuana plant. Bud is what is used for medicinal purposes due to its high concentration of cannabinoids within the plant.

Budder – A type of cannabis concentrate with a runny, gooey texture. Most commonly made as a BHO, budder can be made with solvent-free methods.

Budtender – The attendant at your medical marijuana dispensary.

Cannabinoids – The chemical compounds that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the human body. These create the high you feel (due to the THC cannabinoid) when ingesting cannabis, anti-nausea and pain relief effects, as well as having many other medicinal uses. There are over 85 cannabinoids that all produce different effects.

Cannabis – Originating from Asia thousands of years ago, Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that includes Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. Female plants are used for their medicinal and recreational uses while male plants create hemp products such as textiles, rope, paper and more.

Carb cap – An item used for dabbing that has a pointed handle and a rounded end known as the cap. The carb cap is used while dabbing with low temperatures on an open-air rig. It creates a restricted airflow chamber for vaporization of the concentrate.

CBD – One of the main cannabinoids that marijuana produces, CBD has shown to be effective in assisting with the treatment of many medical ailments. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, which means it will not produce any sort of “high”.

CBD Oil – Most commonly made from industrial hemp, this oil is rich in the CBD cannabinoid. CBD oil is used to both aid in dealing with and for treatment of a variety of medical ailments. The extremely low THC content in this oil makes it completely non-psychoactive, making it a great option for those who need medical cannabis relief but wish to avoid any high.

CO2 Oil – Another cannabis concentrate, this is made using the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which is a fluid state of carbon dioxide held above or at the critical point of pressure and temperature. CO2 oil is popularly used in vape pens.

Concentrates – These are oils that are created through various extraction processes that create a product that has very high levels of cannabinoids. Different products include BHO, CO2 oil, budder, wax, pull and snap and shatter, as well many others. The type of each concentrate is determined on the creation method and consistency of the final product.

Clone – A clipping from a specific marijuana plant, which can be grown through a cloning process of the original “mother” plant from where the clipping was taken from.

Cone – A type of joint that has a straight and then shapes near the mouth but widens as the other end.

Cross – This term refers to cross-breeding and is when two different cannabis strains are bred together.

Crumble – Another form of BHO concentrate that has a brittle, soft texture. Crumble can also be referred to as “honeycomb”.

Crutch – Another name for the filter that is sometimes used in marijuana cigarettes.

Dab – A dose of cannabis concentrates that is “dabbed” onto a very hot surface, which creates a vapor that is then inhaled. The term “dabbing’ refers to this method of ingesting cannabis.

Dabber – The long tool used to touch a cannabis concentrate to a hot source on a dabbing pipe. Dabbers are mainly made out of metal or glass.

Dank – Commonly used term to describe high-quality cannabis with a strong aroma and is particularly sticky.

Diesel – A specific cannabis type that usually has a sativa effect. These strains are known for their unique diesel fuel like smell, potency, dense flower and good taste.

Diffuser – A special tube that is added to a water pipe increase airflow and bubbles, which creates a cleaner and cooler inhale. They are usually located at the bottom of the pipe and work best when they are slightly submerged in the water.

Dispensary – A legal establishment for buying medicinal cannabis.

Dome – The part in a dabbing rig that fits over the nail to capture vapor when the cannabis concentrate is heated.

Dome-less Nail – A dabbing tool that combines the usual nail and dome setup into one device. This tool allows for more efficient consumption of concentrates. Dome-less nails are usually made out of glass.

Edibles – Edible cannabis products that are infused with marijuana extracts. Most commonly known as being baked goods but have expanded into a large variety of goods, such as drinks, crackers, candies, bread and more. Cannabis infused cooking oils or butter are now available for sale as well, for patients to create their own infused food. Due to cannabinoids being ingested through the digestive process, edibles tend to be more potent and although it takes longer for the effects to be felt, the overall effects last longer once felt.

E-Nail – An electronic nail is a new invention used specifically for dabbing. They are digitally controlled heating devices that allow a consistent heat setting for each dab, improving taste and potency.

E-Rig -An electronic dabbing rig that is heated with a battery. E-Rigs are more compact and portable than a typical dab rig.

Flowers – Another name for cannabis bud. These are the reproductive organ found on female cannabis plants that are harvested and dried so they can be used for medication. The flower of the plant is what most cannabis users know marijuana to look like, as it is the part that is smoked.

Grinder – A circular device that breaks cannabis flower into small pieces to make rolling joints or packing a bowl easier. Made of metal, plastic or wood, grinders are separated into two or three sections. Basic two-chamber grinders have the top with small teeth and holes for the ground cannabis to fall through, the lower part that catches and holds the broken-up cannabis.  Three chamber grinders have a filter and lower chamber specifically for catching kief.

Hash – A nickname for hashish, this concentrate is used for medicinal use or consumption. Hash has a variety of potency levels but is most often stronger than bud. Created by filtering the plant to remove the trichomes, which are then pressed. Hash oil, also known as honey oil, is a similar product that can be created by using a solvent.

Haze – A classic Sativa strain, Haze is known for its energizing head highs and the ability to stimulate creativity. Originating in different tropical regions around the world, haze plants can grow up to 20 feet tall, making them some of the tallest cannabis plants. Haze strains are often crossbred with Indica strains to create popular strains that have gone on to win awards.

Heirloom – Heirloom strains is a type of cannabis that hasn’t been crossbred or mixed with another strain, which has allowed them to keep their original genetics.

Hemp – Created from the male cannabis plant, this material is used in the manufacture of paper, rope, beauty products, textiles and a large number of other products. CBD oil is often created using industrial hemp, due to its extremely high CBD and low THC presence.

Honeycomb – A type of BHO concentrate, also known as “crumble”.

Hybrid – A hybrid plant is a genetic cross between one or multiple separate cannabis strains. Although hybrids can be created unintentionally, they are most often bred to combine sought after traits of the original plants. Most cannabis strains available today are hybrids.

Indica – A species of cannabis that is known for its relaxing “body high” and sedative nature. Indica plants originated from Asia and the Middle East and are bushier, shorter and a tighter flower structure than the Sativa species.

Joint – A joint, or “marijuana cigarette” is cannabis rolled in specialty thin paper for the purpose of smoking. The most well known and probably the most popular way of smoking marijuana, this method is easy and portable. Most often, they are made with a filter to keep cannabis or debris from entering the mouth.

Kief – This powdery substance is made up of trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis flower. Known to be extremely potent, as it is made up of trichomes which contain the majority of the marijuana plan’s cannabinoids. Kief is the main ingredient in hashish and can be referred to as pollen.

Kush – A lineage of Indica strain plants that originate from the Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Although specific variations are unique, the aroma of kush plants is popular among users and is described as “earthy” with notes of pine, citrus or sweet.

Live Resin – A form of BHO that is created using fresh whole cannabis flowers instead of a flower that has been dried and cured. Live resin concentrates have a different balance of terpenes than normal BHO.

Marijuana – the Main term for the female cannabis plant or its flowers. As male cannabis plants do not produce flowers, females contain a high percentage of cannabinoids and are used for medicinal purposes.

Medical Marijuana License – This refers to a license given by the state to a patient who has been approved to use medical marijuana. Your medical marijuana license card (and a photo ID) must be present every time you purchase medical marijuana.

OG – Term originally used to describe the strain Southern California’s Ocean Grown Kush, shortened to OG Kush. The majority of OG strains are descendants of the original OG Kush genetics or are ocean grown on the West Coast.

Pre-roll – A term for pre-rolled joint, commonly for sale in marijuana dispensaries.

Pull-and-Snap – A BHO cannabis concentrate that has a form softer than shatter but harder than sap.

Rosin – A type of cannabis concentrate that is made without solvents. Created using a balance of heat and pressure, this concentrate comes in a variety of forms. Rosin can be made from fresh or cured flower, kief or trim from the marijuana plant.

Ruderalis – Originating from Russia, this cannabis type has a low THC content and is high in CBD.

Sap – A type of BHO cannabis concentrate with a sticky consistency similar to tree sap, hence the name.

Sativa – Species of the cannabis plant that produce stronger cerebral effects, different than the more bodily effects that are caused by Indica strains. Sativa originated outside of Asia and the Middle East and include strains from Thailand, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Taller than Indica plants, Sativa plants also tend to be lighter in color.

Shatter – BHO with a glass-like consistency that is known for its purity.

Strain – In the cannabis world, a strain is a specific type of plant species. They are grown specifically to produce special desired traits. Names of these strains often refer to its place of origin, its type of high, or the appearance of the plant.

THC – The most well-known cannabinoid, THC is what gives marijuana its psychoactive effects. Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, it has shown to be extremely valuable medicinally.

Tincture – A type of liquid concentrate made through alcohol extraction or made with glycerol. A good option for cannabis users that prefer not to smoke, tinctures can be taken by placing drops under the tongue or by swallowing.

Topical – A cannabis concentrate that has been made for topical use, most often as a cream or lotion. The absorbed medicinal properties are used to treat ailments such as soreness and muscle aches, or it can help with conditions like dry skin or eczema.

Trichrome – The glands that produce resin on a cannabis plant. Although they are often described as “hairs” or “crystals” due to their appearance, they are neither of these. The majority of cannabinoids are made in these glands.

Vaporizer – A device used to inhale marijuana. Vaporizers come in larger forms that require a power outlet or, recently popular, compact “pens” that you can take wherever you go. Vaporizing cannabis is a healthier way to inhale cannabis than smoking due to it not producing lack of smoke, and there are no plant debris inhaled into the lungs through this method. Vaporizers heat either marijuana-infused oils or flowers and have instant effects.

Wax – A cannabis concentrate with a soft, opaque form. Wax is usually a form of BHO.