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Black Runtz Strain Review

Black Runtz is a rare hybrid marijuana strain delivering a powerful dose of relaxation through its blending of Zkittlez and Gelato genetics. With THC frequently exceeding 25%, Black Runtz packs a punch with profoundly sedative effects. The name refers to the strain’s colorful appearance featuring deep hues of purple and green plus a frosting of shiny white trichomes when properly cured.

The Black Runtz high comes on relatively quickly, inducing a spaced-out, dreamy mental shift. As users describe, smoking Black Runtz feels like sinking into a warm bubble bath, softening worries and negative thoughts with its hazy euphoria. Following the head high is a melting body sensation starting up top then cascading down the neck, shoulders, back and limbs. Reviewers warn Black Runtz’s deeply relaxing properties may lead to couchlock and sleep due to severe body heaviness. The experience lasts roughly 2 hours from start to finish. 

Adding to the appeal are buds releasing a sweet candy-like aroma blending fruit punch, sour citrus and herbal skunkiness. Flavor continues impressing with tastes of sweet berries and lemon candies that turn more doughy, almost cake batter-like on the exhale. Buds themselves have the iconic Zkittlez look – dense as rocks and cloaked in shades of deep purple with bright orange hairs peeking through.

In the medical marijuana world, Black Runtz is cherished for its tranquilizing effects perfect for severe insomniacs. The heavy full-body relaxation also works wonders against chronic pain, eliminating aches, soreness and discomfort. Patients emphasize its best use case comes in the evenings when heavy sedation is acceptable and lack of productivity won’t negatively impact responsibilities.  

Outside California, Black Runtz and its Zkittlez-cross sedative qualities have spread to legal medical markets like Oklahoma. Here it joins top shelf designer strains coveted by patients treating insomnia, neuropathy, muscle spasms, chronic stress and PTSD. However proper patient education on ideal dosage and timing of use prevents unwanted next-day grogginess.

Recreational consumers also seek out Black Runtz for deliberate nighttime use given its superb relaxation properties. Flavor chasers enjoy the sweet candy terpenes. Solo users may write, create art or meditate during the mentally-stimulating onset phase before succumbing to relaxation. However, don’t expect staying active or social post-consumption!

With its elite genetics and vibrant colors, Black Runtz offers a frosting-coated fruit snack of a strain that looks as good as it tastes. The well-rounded effects mix mentally-uplifting and physically-sedating properties for tranquil enjoyment across mind and body – just plan for residual laziness afterwards!

Always follow all Oklahoma Cannabis laws when buying your cannabis products, and only from OMMA licensed dispensaries.