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Apollo 13 Cannabis Strain Review

In the vast galaxy of cannabis strains in Oklahoma, few names evoke the sense of adventure and exploration quite like Apollo 13. Named after the iconic space mission that narrowly avoided disaster, this strain promises a journey to the outer reaches of euphoria and relaxation. From its intriguing lineage to its aromatic terpene profile, Apollo 13 continues to captivate users with its celestial allure and potent effects. Let’s embark on a voyage to uncover the lineage and terpene composition of Apollo 13, shedding light on its cosmic origins and stellar qualities.


Apollo 13’s genetic lineage can be traced back to two legendary parent strains: P75 and Genius. Each of these cultivars contributes unique characteristics to the genetic makeup of Apollo 13, shaping its identity and effects.

– P75: A potent indica strain known for its sedative effects and earthy aroma, P75 serves as the backbone of Apollo 13’s genetic lineage. It is believed to be a phenotype of Northern Lights #5, expressing strong indica traits that promote relaxation and stress relief. P75’s genetic influence on Apollo 13 adds depth and potency to the hybrid cultivar, enhancing its sedative qualities and overall effects.

– Genius: Renowned for its uplifting effects and potent cerebral stimulation, Genius is a sativa-dominant strain cherished for its creativity and mental clarity. It is believed to be a phenotype of Jack Herer, expressing strong sativa traits that promote focus and energy. Genius’s genetic contribution to Apollo 13 adds a burst of creativity and euphoria, balancing out the sedative qualities of P75 and enhancing the overall experience.

When P75 and Genius are crossed in a breeding endeavor, Apollo 13 is born—a hybrid strain that combines the best traits of its parent cultivars while offering its own unique characteristics.

Terpene Profile:

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that play a crucial role in shaping its flavor, aroma, and effects. Apollo 13 boasts a diverse terpene profile that adds complexity to its sensory experience. Some of the prominent terpenes found in Apollo 13 include:

– Limonene: With its citrusy aroma and mood-enhancing effects, limonene offers a burst of energy and positivity. It adds a refreshing twist to Apollo 13’s flavor profile and complements its uplifting high, promoting a sense of happiness and well-being.

– Myrcene: Known for its earthy and musky aroma, myrcene offers sedative effects and relaxation. It balances out the energetic qualities of other terpenes present in Apollo 13, providing a sense of calm and tranquility amidst the euphoric high.

– Pinene: With its piney scent and cognitive-enhancing effects, pinene provides mental clarity and focus. It enhances the cerebral stimulation of Apollo 13, sharpening the mind and promoting creativity and productivity.

– Caryophyllene: With its spicy and peppery notes, caryophyllene provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It adds depth to Apollo 13’s aroma and may contribute to its therapeutic benefits, offering relief from pain and inflammation.

Characteristics and Effects:

Apollo 13 presents itself as a visually striking cultivar, with dense, resinous buds and hues ranging from deep greens to vibrant oranges. Its aroma is a tantalizing blend of citrus, earthy, and spicy notes, tantalizing the senses and hinting at the potent effects to come.

Upon consumption, Apollo 13 delivers a euphoric and uplifting high, accompanied by a sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Users may experience a surge of creativity and motivation, making it an ideal choice for daytime use or creative endeavors. Whether enjoyed for its flavorful smoke, therapeutic benefits, or recreational effects, Apollo 13 continues to captivate cannabis enthusiasts with its complexity and potency.

Apollo 13 embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery, offering users a journey to the outer reaches of euphoria and relaxation. With its illustrious lineage and diverse terpene profile, this hybrid cultivar invites users to embark on a cosmic adventure of creativity and euphoria. Whether seeking inspiration, motivation, or simply a flavorful smoke, Apollo 13 has something to offer for every cannabis enthusiast, reaffirming the boundless potential and versatility of the cannabis plant.

Always follow all Oklahoma laws when buying your cannabis, and only from OMMA licensed dispensaries.

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