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Guide to the High Times OK Cannabis Cup

By Sierra Waldrop –

Most of those in the cannabis community have heard of the legendary High Times Cannabis Cup. The top names in the marijuana business display their products while competing to earn the title of being one of the best in the industry.

Until recently, attending this spectacular event seemed like a faraway dream for many Oklahomans.

Thankfully, changes in medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma have paved the way for High Times to bring its cannabis celebration to the Sooner state. Now medical marijuana users all over the state can join together to enjoy this famous event.

History of the Cannabis Cup

Since its debut in 1974, High Times Magazine has been the go-to resource for cannabis news, information and culture. Originally created as a joke, the magazine quickly developed a following and eventually would rival Rolling Stone Magazine in popularity. Since then, the magazine has covered produced high quality (no pun intended) journalism in topics such as politics, music, film, activism and, of course, marijuana.

In 1988, then High Times editor Steven Hager created the now legendary High Times Cannabis Cup. Hager is known for being an accomplished journalist, filmmaker and cannabis rights activist. The awards proved to be a success, and legendary Sativa-dominant hybrid Skunk #1, created by Cultivators Choice, was crowned the first-ever Cannabis Cup winner for “Best Strain”.

Originating in Amsterdam, the Cannabis Cup was held there annually until its final event in 2014, due to changing cannabis laws in the Netherlands. Thankfully, the change in cannabis laws in the United States allowed the event to move to America, with the first U.S. Cup being held in 2010. The Cannabis Cup is now held annually in multiple states, with Oklahoma joining that line-up this year.

In a recent article by High Times, High Times CEO Kraig Fox made a statement on the big Oklahoma event, saying “We’re proud to bring Oklahoma City its first-ever official Cannabis Cup event this summer, with prominent musical talent and hundreds of vendors including an array of brands across the cannabis landscape.” He continued “Events like the Oklahoma Cannabis Cup are integral in bringing together the local community of cannabis enthusiasts, medical users, and brands in one place while providing us with the ability to collaborate and connect with key leaders in the industry across the country.”

What to Expect

In each Cannabis Cup, a panel of cannabis experts judge an array of different categories and then present awards to the best of the best in the cannabis industry. Attendees can also participate in judging by voting for certain categories such as “best booth” and “best products”.

Although the judging categories in the Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup may differ slightly, previous categories from the Denver and So-Cal Cups can give us an idea. These include:

  • Best Indica Flower
  • Best Hybrid Flower
  • Best Sativa Flower
  • Best Indica Concentrate
  • Best Hybrid Concentrate
  • Best Sativa Concentrate
  • Best Non-Solvent Hash
  • Best Edible
  • Best Topical
  • Best CBD Flower
  • Best CBD Concentrate
  • Best CBD Edibles
  • Best CBD Cartridges
  • Best Vape Pen Cartridges
  • Best Pre-roll
  • Best Vaporizer


Along with a waterpark area, food vendors and the extraordinary array of cannabis products, a concert is included in the festivities. Bands Slightly Stoopid and 311 will be performing for Cannabis Cup attendees.

Things You Need to Know

Location of the Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup

August 24-25 Lost Lakes Amphitheatre

3501 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, 73117


  • Saturday August 24, 12PM to 8PM
  • Saturday August 25, 12PM to 8PM

As with any event, there are certain rules that those who attend the Cannabis Cup must follow. As stated on the High Times Cannabis Cup website, these rules are as follows;

Cannabis Use at the Cup

Cannabis can be smoked on-site, and you may bring your own cannabis. Please note that the legal carrying limit in Oklahoma is 3 ounces.

Age and ID Requirements

  • You must be 18+ for the general area, which includes a concert, water park and food vendors. Any valid state ID will be accepted for the general area.
  • You must be 18+ and have a valid medical marijuana card and State ID to enter the Patients Medical area, which includes Cannabis & Exhibitor Village.
  • No other state medical cards are allowed to enter the Patients Medical area

Ticket Info

  • Tickets are available on-site at the Box Office, but can be bought discounted at the High Times Cannabis Cup website.
  • The Box Office is open Saturday August 24, 11AM – 7PM, and Sunday August 25 11AM – 7PM.
  • Please have your tickets ready on your mobile device or printed so the barcode can be redeemed for wristbands.
  • You must exchange your ticket for a wristband before the Box Office closes.
  • Your wristband must not be taken off if you plan on re-entering the Cup.
  • Weekend Pass wristbands must be worn both days.
  • Guests appearances and performances are included in the ticket price
  • Military discounts are available online and a valid Military ID must be presented upon arrival.
  • All ticket sales are final.

Things Not Permitted at the Cannabis Cup

  • Weapons
  • Skateboards, hoverboards, bikes, scooters or rollerblades.
  • Unapproved handouts, pamphlets, advertisements and other promotional materials.
  • Professional Video or Photo equipment.
  • Pets or other animals (certified service animals are permitted)
  • Outside drink, food or alcohol.
  • Glass bottle
  • Coolers
  • Chairs
  • Children

Safety first

It is unsafe and illegal to drive while under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana. If you are planning on using cannabis before or during the event, please either elect a designated driver, or plan on hiring a car service.

With music, food, activities and, of course, a large variety of cannabis and cannabis-related products, the Cannabis Cup weekend is set to be a festive and fun two days for every marijuana enthusiast to look forward to. So buy your tickets, pre-roll your joints and get ready to enjoy some chill vibes and great times at the first-ever High Times Oklahoma Cannabis Cup!

Additional information can be found on the High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma website