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420 deals in Oklahoma City – 2021

It’s our favorite holiday of the year and the perfect time for us, at Fire Leaf, to spoil our patients! Weed deals and fun are in store for you!

Door Busters & Penny Deals:

First 25 Sooner Glue Patients at each store gets to pick a 1g Dab in Night Nurse or Tequila Sunrise, Infused Preroll, or Live Resin Cart for 1 penny – while supplies last

First 10 Mint Cannabis Patients: get a 750mg Tincture for one penny – while supplies last

First 10 Patients get $10 Outlaw Edibles Maple Bacon Krispi Barz

Purchase any Refined Extracts get a 1g Dab for $10 (can be combined with 3 for $50)

4/20 Deals: 

$75 Ounces: Strains include Zombie Juice, Sunset Smoothie, Green Gelato, Sour Tangie

$25 Clementine 5-packs

$2 Prerolls

$75 Week-ender Jars 3.5g Dutch Hawaiian & G-13

$50 Mix & Match Dabs & Carts – Over 25 brands to choose from!

$25 Oklahoma Banana Live Sugar + select dab strains

$28 420 Fun Pack 5-pack Oops All Gummies, 200mg Happy Sap, 100mg Woozie

20% – 40% off select flower: includes ALTRD, Saints, 12:01, Organically Grown, Mello Gold, & Caviar GoldSpend

Spend $50 add on $15 Dry Sift Hash (select strains) $10 250mg Cookies

Pop Ups:

POP-UPs all around for 4.20! Stop and meet the faces behind your favorite brands and score exclusive merch and deals!

Scoops Ice Cream Trucks will be at all stores from 11-1pm!

Norman: 11-1pm Smokiez Handcrafted 3pm – 6pm Red Bird Bioscience

South Western: 11a – 2pm Mint Cannabis Co. 3pm – 6pm Tribe

 S.W. 104th: 11am – 2pm Mint Cannabis Co. 3pm – 6pm Red Sky

Stockyards City: 11am – 1pm Outlaw Edibles Show Kitchen Demo & infused Sooner Glue 3pm – 6pm

The Village: 11am – 1pm 1906

Edmond: 11am – 1pm R&R Brothers OK Purple 2pm – 6pm

Guthrie: 11am – 2pm Sooner Glue 11am – 2pm Mint Cannabis Co. 3pm – 6pm

Reno: 3pm – 5pm Smokiez Handcrafted 3pm – 6pm Mint Cannabis Co


Check your neighborhood Fire Leaf for more deals!