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Apple Fritter has an incredible reputation and constantly wins awards.  Apple Fritter is  a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.  It is also known for its immense potency. Nugs are fairly average with just a light amount of trichomes and fiery orange pistils.  The flavors take on that of the pastry she’s named after and incorporates a hint of cheese on the tail end for balance. If you’re not a super experienced smoker, you may want to tread very very lightly your first time around with Apple Fritter.

Apple Fritter Effects

As many users initially find the strain to be incredibly euphoric as she imparts a huge burst of creativity.  It would be an ideal time to work on an art project or write a new song, most will be far too relaxed to actually do anything with their newfound inspiration. As the high progresses, this sedation only intensifies and brings individuals to a place that’s full of body heaviness and eventually sleep.  This bud has immense medical uses, eliminating pain, battling insomnia, and allowing mental issues like stress, depression, and anxiety to vanish. Keep in mind just how strong she really can be, because although you’ll love her effects, you can’t just smoke to your heart’s content.

Apple Fritter Info:

Strain Average THC: 27%

CBD: Very Low

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Typical Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy

Possible Usage: depressed, anxiety, insomnia

Flavors: apple, Fruity, Herbal Sweet, Vanilla

Aromas: apple, earthy, fruity, sweet, vanilla

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