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Bermuda Punch cannabis strain is a newer hybrid strain that leverages balanced Indica/Sativa genetics against the traditions of tropical hybrid strains to give users a brand-new experience. The strain comes to us by way of Green Dot Labs out of Boulder, Colorado as a combination between Triangle Kush and Purple Punch. This means that its lineage includes the potent influence of OG Kushand ChemDawg, which gives the strain its high-impact flavor and medicinal effects. Continue reading to learn what you can expect from this new heavy-hitting kid on the cannabis block.

The strain is rich in unique terpenes, including terpinolene and ocimene. The first imbues the strain with a pine-like flavor hiding a scent of mint. Ocimene is sweet and herbal, full of citrus and wood tones. Bermuda Punch also contains limonene, which gives it a tart lemon flavor, almost like candy, and mixes with the other terpenes to create a flavor like tropical grapes. The combination brings out even more subtle undertones, including various wood and even spicy coffee flavors. Users with complex palettes will find a lot to enjoy in Bermuda Punch.

The buds look tropical and bright, with purple tinges on bright green puffs, bright orange hairs, and clean, modest trichomes. They look like powerful, colorful palm trees, concealing the kush-packed flavors beneath. The effects of the strain follow in the footsteps of its spicy, sour, sweet zing of flavor, which uses around 21% THC to bring medicinal benefits to its users.

The first sensation of Bermuda Punch is a feeling of easiness, like your mind doesn’t have to work as hard. This won’t sedate you, however. The strain may get you up and moving, ready to tackle the day or hang out with friends. Finding relief from stress and anxiety is easy on Bermuda Punch and contributes to the feelings of focus and motivation that it can bring you.

Users feel relaxed, soothed, energized, and ready to eat. Though the strain isn’t known for being sedating, users feel like they could go to sleep at any time due to the strain’s mood-alleviating effects. Those who savor complex flavors and think they might enjoy a powerhouse mix of grape, coffee, mint, spice, and more, should be happy to learn that they can treat stress and pain at the same time. Bermuda Punch may be a new creation but with its tried-and-true lineage, it’s anything but a risky bet.

Bermuda Punch Info:

Strain Average THC: 18% – 25%

CBD: Very Low

Type: 50 I /50 S – Hybrid

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Purple Punch

Typical Effects: Relaxed, Energetic, Social

May Relieve: Pain, Stress, Loss of Appetite

Flavors: Pine, woody, spicy, coffee, lemon

Aromas: pine, mint, sweet, herbal, citrus

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