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    What are Cannabis Concentrates and How Do I Use Them?

    Concentrates are made from the cannabis plant and are included in many of the products you will see at Fire Leaf, including shatter, wax, and CO2 oil. Cannabis concentrates are oils made through an extraction process that distillates cannabis’ chemical compounds such as CBD and THC. These cannabinoid filled products are created when solvents (CO2,[...]

Fire Leaf Dispensary Articles

Helpful articles from Fire Leaf medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma.  Covering a wide range of topics to help educate Oklahomans about the benefits of medical cannabis, CBD, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, and More.


    Medical Marijuana Safe Usage Suggestions

    With legalization of medicinal cannabis in Oklahoma, there will most likely be a lot of Oklahomans have never had marijuana in any form, or maybe those who haven’t experienced marijuana since that “one time in college”. Whatever the case, certain strains of cannabis are more potent than ever before, and there are many more options[...]

    What is CBD?

    What is CBD? Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. One of the 113 cannabinoids, CBD has begun to shine due to its medicinal properties. CBD has proven itself to be a tremendous resource to many people with a variety of medical needs. Pre-clinical trials over the past 40[...]

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